Video creation and production

People in the online environment tend to have an attention span comparable to a toddler. This means that the content should be short, supported by music, animations and not too much text. Why read when you can look right?! For the brands we work for we do the creative part and production of the videos. On the other hand, for the agencies we work for we operate as the production company. We create videos of all kind of shapes and sizes; animated, in VR or 360°, as a separate idea or as a format. To reach the intended goals we also aid in a solid distribution strategy.

For brands

If it’s part of a larger content strategy, a loose briefing, format or a separate production, we love to help you by telling the story with the use of video. On bases of a briefing our creatives get started. Together with more practical notes from our producers the present multiple ideas. We elaborate the idea by creating a shotlist, script and, when needed, a storyboard. Together with the clients we think about a way to add music and animations if that’s a way to enhance the story. We prefer to work on close contact with the clients and have them present during shoots. This we we usually receive a final approval on the day of shooting and this allows us to maintain the much needed speeds in the digital environment. The raw materials are spotted and edited by out editors together with the director. To assure that the final video is viewed by the right audience we also set-up a media proposal.

For other agencies

Because we offer all the different disciplines in video creation, we work a lot for other agencies as their production partner as well. Our producers take over the practical actions to assure the agency to focus fully on the creative process. Managing locations, actors, creatives, permits, everything else, and of course the shooting of the video itself is delivered by us.

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