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Jordy Klaver – Art director

Rides a fast bike with no brakes, but never breaks a sweat. His screensaver consists of dragons and non concealing dressed princesses and calls this ‘Inspiration’. Right. Doesn’t cook often, so is...

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Calvin Ng – Designer/editor

Drinks over 40 cups of coffee a day, but no one ever caught him being stressed out. Adores purple. Eats surprisingly much for his minimal size. Gets hangry if we don’t feed...

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Robin Vrachtdoender – Camera/editor

First love: Making video’s. Second love: flipping Canta’s; those small cars for disabled people. Does pull ups on the beams in our office everyday together with his buddy Mikkels. It’s their jam....

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Lee Plaschek – Creative

Lee still awaits his adulthood. But we all know that - with those childish, colorful socks - is never gonna happen. But we kinda like it. Loves presents (DUUH, WHO DOESN’T?!) and...

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Michiel van Zummeren – Director/editor

Lives in Haarlem together with his Russian girlfriend. True love via Tinder, it’s possible. Is in a group called Barzquad. A bunch of very cool dudes doing Calisthenics all day. That’s hanging...

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