Social content marketing

Brands are turning more into publishers because the can reach a huge target audience by using their social channels and other owned online media. What we do is to help out brands to build and maintain a relationship with their consumers based on relevant, inspiring content. We think about a strategic approach, take lead in content creation and help to provide the distribution.

Content strategy

To stay relevant for consumers it’s crucial to have clear strategy. That’s why we look at the message a brand has on one side, and investigate which needs there are within the target audience. With our creativity we approache the content to assure it’s either ‘extremely’ entertaining, inspiring or informative. Because only than online content does its job. Subsequently we determine which channels, blogs or influencers are best fit to distribute the content.

Content creation

After concepting it’s up to our producers and creatives to execute the ideas. In this process we keep in close contact with the client to maintain the fast pace we need in creating digital content. If possible we involve our clients as early as possible – sometimes during the creative process – in our so called Ideations: a brainstorm technique in which we come up with a ton of ideas and insights. During these sessions we always look at the possibilities to amplify the story by using new technologies. We believe that synergy between client and agency is key to accomplish the intended goals and objectives. That’s why our creative team is allowed to keep in contact with the client in the course of the whole process. Because we have all the different disciplines under one roof, we can guarantee the speed we need. From copywriting to photography, from animating to directing.

Content distribution

Social platforms are a perfect way to make your content go viral. But then again, most of the time we need to spread the content paid to assure the intended ‘lift off’. So therefore we think about a media strategy in the beginning of the creative process as well. Obviously this can be done by advertising, but we also look at other possibilities like seeding or the use of influencers. In social media advertising we strive to make good use of the targeting and re-targeting options that the platforms have to offer. We suggest to ‘seed’ the content when we believe that the story of the content connect with a blog and its audience. If we believe that the approach to a story needs a more personal note, we like to cooperate with one or multiple influencers.

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