Being the special purveyor for the best watched Dutch TV show is pretty awesome! And for obvious reasons we’re very proud of that. By now ‘De Wereld Draait Door’ has found us for five times already and asked us to create a commercial based on news actualities. The first time was about US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. She was a little under the weather and needed a little push to get back in the saddle. The second video was about the aspirations of Elon Musk (from Tesla) to create a commercial airline to Mars. After Clinton we had to do Trump. He would lose the elections and needed one last straw… Right… The fourth time they called with a assignment to create a video about the identity (or lack of identity) of the typical Dutchie. The moment we hung up the phone everybody got excited and started working for a great commercial. Shortly after they called us for the fifth time: “Could you come up with something about the resignation of the trainer of the Dutch football team?” … “SURE WE CAN!” Balancing on the edge of a mental breakdown we created an awesome video. Check all videos here:


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