Energiedirect – Gasstation surprise

​Energiedirect is a Dutch ​energy provider. Besides beneficial energy prices they recently released a mobile app; Tankey. If you pay with Tankey whilst stopping for gas at selected gasstations, you’ll receive a discount of five cents per liter. The app is doing great, but to emphasize this campaign even more they created a website with a simple but challenging game; tankscherp.nl. On this website you can play the game with the sole purpose to reach exactly €50,-. If you do so, you have the chance to win a year of free energy by Energiedirect. With the insight that a lot of people already try to reach a round number while they are at the pump we tried to surprise the non-suspecting motorists. With a gasstation filled with candid cameras, a game show host, cheerleaders and a real brassband we had a blast in Purmerend!


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