We’re a team that is born to create. Storytellers. Video lovers. Eating Youtube and Netflix for breakfast, lunch ánd dinner. Contentmakers from day one. Knowledge of all platforms. Used to working fast. Experts in the smarts of online video. Video in de widest sense of the word; social, formats, branded, 360°, VR and how-to’s.


But where to start? Together we develop your content strategy. What are the objectives? Which stories are there to tell? What formats are extremely entertaining, informative or inspiring? Illustrations, motion graphics or animations might strengthen the story. And is the idea already there? Then we just do the production.


  • sjoc
    Jonas van Praag – Creative

    Does drawings on tea soaked paper and sells these as ‘Modern Art’. Has long conversations with himself or with his Mac. As loud as possible preferably. Loves to sit front row for free. Especially in the Arena. Can’t stop nagging about everything that’s wrong in this world. Also know as......

  • sophie
    Sophie van Steenhardt Carré – Traffic manager/producer

    Worlds first Creative Office Manager. Assures that the house of cards named RIDE doesn’t fall over and makes sure we are supplied with food. She ordered a trash can on er first day. As some sort of statement. Loves multi tasking. This manifest itself in simultaneous smoking, calling, and going......

  • chowping
    Calvin Ng – Designer/editor

    Drinks over 40 cups of coffee a day, but no one ever caught him being stressed out. Adores purple. Eats surprisingly much for his minimal size. Gets hangry if we don’t feed him in time. Doesn’t speak much, but when he speaks it’s witty. Is glued to his screen for......

  • matrasje
    Marije van Soest – Creative

    Can’t handle tequila, nor vodka. Unless you insist. Drank you very much. Does loves grapefruits. Knows how to communicate in 140 characters like no other. Secretly loves Rap music more than #AngusAndJuliaStone. Excels in almost anything: #MarijtjeWins #MarijtjeDoesItAll #MarijtjeArranges. But double time please! Drops some thing now and again. But......



  • img_1722
    Bette Westerhoff – Freelance director

    She puts the “Bette” in ‘knows better’, but she is always open for other great ideas. She’s like a bouncing ball in a trampoline store, but surely knows how to hold rate. She loves to kick around on the football pitch. Never in foul play, but always cutting edge. She......

  • img_1749
    Steven Kuijs – Freelance director

    Is an aspiring rapper, but he turned out to be better in making music videos. Enjoys a sunrise at least once a day. He once got paid in six brand new bikes which he shared with his friends. Learned the tricks of the trade in Rotterdam, but matured in Amsterdam.......

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